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Modern Contraception Options

Hormonal Contraception: A Brief History and Modern Options The Last 50 Years of Hormonal Contraception in America The first birth control pill was introduced in the United States in 1960, […]

Endometriosis – What You Don’t Know

Instead of the menstrual fluids being shed during a female’s monthly period, some of these fluids backflow or remain in the body and plant themselves on the outside of the […]

Endometriosis: An Overview

Endometriosis: An Overview of Symptoms and Treatments Endometriosis is a sometimes painful condition that affects anywhere from 3% to 18% of the female population that has reached reproductive age. The […]

IUDS Not “The Pill” Best Option for Teens and Young Women

Should you change your birth control method?  New research says yes! According to a study published in the New England Journal of Medicine, IUDS or under-skin implants are 20 times […]

Daily Pills….Not The Latest Recommendation

Long-term birth control methods work better than Pill   By Cari Nierenberg MyHealthNewsDaily Contributor Women using birth control pills, skin patches or vaginal rings were 20 times more likely to […]

Morning After Pill or Plan B May Not Be So Readily Available

      The latest news on Plan B is that some teens may have trouble getting this pill,  but in London they can have it delivered to their homes,  and in […]

That Chronic Pelvic Pain!

Bladder and Pelvic Pain- Interstitial Cystitis Do you have recurring discomfort, pressure or pain in and around your pelvic area? Does this pain coincide with the urgent need to urinate […]

What Are My Contraceptive Choices??

    Hormonal Contraception Options                                   Oral Contraceptives  Birth control pills taken daily. Combination […]