What Works in the Weight Loss Battle

Apr 24, 2012 by

Regardless of what you hear and read in the media, many obese Americans do lose weight and keep it off.   Increased exercise programs, access and condensed high intensity, high result programs, low fat food options and popular, affordable weight loss programs have all contributed to the growing number of people in this country losing the excuse battle and taking off pounds.   In fact there are so many options for eating healthier and getting off the sofa that is becoming harder and harder to justify staying overweight.   This is great news because as little as 5% in weight loss can improve your health significantly.  People are aware that carrying that extra weight is dangerous and contributes to poor health and shorter life spans.   Thirty percent of Americans are obese but according to a recent study at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center and the Harvard Medical School, 50 to 75% of them are actively trying to lose weight.

What’s significant about this discovery is that those who are successful are using resources that are not complicated or expensive.  They are more likely to eat less and exercise more to achieve their goals which include organized exercise and weight loss programs.  Those not as successful in the longterm reported using  pills, fad diets that consisted of eating only certain foods   and  liquid diets.   Discipline and eating less fat works!

True weight loss and management takes structure and commitment to maintain.   It is a lifestyle change that you need to incorporate for life in order to be healthy.


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