You and Your Hormones

Welcome to Menopause and the next stage of your life. It is an inevitable journey that you cannot avoid or skip over. It will take place whether you experience daily […]

Bio-Identical Hormones…Truth and Fiction

Bio-Identical and Natural Hormone Replacement Therapy Time for a Change Welcome to the next phase of your life, an inevitable journey that you cannot avoid or skip over.  Even if […]

Do Doctors Use Hormones More Often Than They Prescribe Them?

According to a study of German gynecologists,  physicians may be more willing to use hormone replacement therapy (HRT), or recommend it to their wives, than to prescribe it to their […]

Make Up Your Mind! Hormone Therapy is Safe Again!

Danish researchers just completed a 16 year study  confirming earlier reports that hormone therapy taken soon after  the last menstrual cycle can protect women from heart disease.   The study […]

Ablation not Hysterectomy

Your Doctor Suggests an Ablation…What Does That Mean? There are over 600,000 hysterectomies performed in the United States each year.  Some hysterectomies are elective and some emergent, some abdominal and […]

The Hormones in HRT

Hormones guide a women’s body through all of her life stages from puberty to pregnancy to perimenopause to menopause and beyond. To understand their role it is necessary to understand […]

That Chronic Pelvic Pain! Could It Be…

Health Issues at any Age Bladder and Pelvic Pain- Interstitial Cystitis Do you have recurring discomfort, pressure or pain in and around your pelvic area? Does this pain coincide with […]

Hysterectomy: An Overview

Whether faced with an option to think the procedure through for a while or given the diagnosis that surgery is imperative, get the facts on how it will change your […]

Menopause and Hormone Replacement Therapy

Welcome to menopause and the next stage of your life. Menopause is an inevitable journey, one you cannot skip over or avoid. The clinical definition is the cessation of menses […]

Birth Control Update

Long-term birth control methods work better than Pill   By Cari Nierenberg MyHealthNewsDaily Contributor Women using birth control pills, skin patches or vaginal rings were 20 times more likely to […]