Menopause and Hormone Replacement Therapy

Welcome to menopause and the next stage of your life. Menopause is an inevitable journey, one you cannot skip over or avoid. The clinical definition is the cessation of menses [...]

Birth Control Update

Long-term birth control methods work better than Pill   By Cari Nierenberg MyHealthNewsDaily Contributor Women using birth control pills, skin patches or vaginal rings were 20 times more likely to [...]

Supreme Court Up Holds Obamacare!

By Paul West, Washington BureauJune 29, 2012 WASHINGTON — The Supreme Court’s surprise healthcare ruling was a lift for President Obama, preventing what would have been an embarrassing setback in an [...]

Bio-Identical Hormones…Truth and Fiction

Bio-Identical and Natural Hormone Replacement Therapy Time for a Change Welcome to the next phase of your life, an inevitable journey that you cannot avoid or skip over.  Even if [...]

Pfizer to Drop Breast, Colon Health Claims on OTC Supplements

Pfizer Consumer Healthcare, CSPI Resolve Centrum Labeling Issues Related Links Centrum Dietary Supplements Agreement Letter | Print | Share Company Will Drop Breast, Colon Health Claims on Centrum Dietary Supplements July 5, 2012 Pfizer [...]

Is Wheat Causing Your Belly Fat?

(NaturalNews) Wheat today is not what it used to be. It is more of a hybrid version of 19th century and earlier versions of wheat our ancestors relied on for [...]

Make Up Your Mind! Hormone Therapy is Safe Again!

Danish researchers just completed a 16 year study  confirming earlier reports that hormone therapy taken soon after  the last menstrual cycle can protect women from heart disease.   The study [...]

Once Again Hormone Therapy is Safe!

Hormone Therapy Safe in Early Menopause Danish researchers have found that hormone therapy reduces the risk of heart disease for some. (Fuse/Getty Images) By SYDNEY LUPKIN Oct. 9, 2012 Researchers in [...]

Update on IUDs

IUD options: New birth control options for women Mar 01, 2012 1:41 AM by Christy Pogorelac Posted in Health & Wellness / Women’s Health / Wellness Rate this Article: IS AN IUD RIGHT FOR ME? The [...]

The Hormones in HRT

Hormones guide a women’s body through all of her life stages from puberty to pregnancy to perimenopause to menopause and beyond. To understand their role it is necessary to understand [...]