Female Sexual Dysfunction…What’s the Latest?

CoupleThe hottest topic in women’s health two years ago was the status of the first female “Viagra”.  The FDA was reviewing and the press was following….then…

Last year the FDA declined to endorse the female sexual dysfunction pill “fibanserin”.   They said they saw no benefit over placebo and so the pre-launch conversations and marketing of the disease states; female hypoactive sexual desire disorder or HSDD ceased.   The FDA advisory board that voted 10 to 1 not to endorse this product said they were not convinced of the clinical benefit of the drug.   Many experts thought that women do not need a drug with serious side effects to treat sexual dysfunction since it is a mental issue and not a blood flow issue as with men.  Read more…

Women do get aroused mentally before getting aroused physically and one physician likes to say that women need reason to have sex.

Incase you are disappointed that this drug was not waved through; there is another option close behind.   Bio Sante Pharmaceuticals is working on a transdermal gel version that is in active late-stage clinical development.  The product is a formulation of testosterone gel and has shown a promising safety profile in recent studies.   FSD, female sexual dysfunction, is characterized as a women’s lack of sexual desire arousal and pleasure during sex.  It can also describe a women’s inability to achieve or maintain an orgasm and occurs due to a low level of testosterone in females.   In women the ovaries secret testosterone and if surgically removed via hysterectomy then FSD can be a true issue. Libigel in Phase II clinical demonstrated improvement in the number of sexually satisfying events in surgically menopausal women.

Stay tuned for updates on the progress of this product as it continues with Phase III trials and future evaluations.   Some news should be evident in mid 2012.

More about Female Sexual Arousal Disorder at http://www.health.am/sex/more/female_sexual_dysfunction/