Infertility – New Treatments and Discoveries

May 9, 2012 by

Advances in infertility options are surfacing each year; new procedures, surgeries and interventions have made it possible for a plethora of miracle babies to come into the world.  The recent announcement from talk show star Giuliana and her husband Bill that through a “gestational carrier” intervention they are expecting their own child.


A new study from Kyoto University in Japan reveals that a research team there has successfully produced live fertile baby mice from sterile mice that were given stem cells to grow sperm cells in the lab.   The sperm produced from embryonic stem cells were successful in impregnating female mice eggs.  The lead researcher, Dr. Mitinori Saitou, said,  ”We have huge materials to work with now and…we can accelerate our study into the cause of human infertility”, as reported by Reuters.  Male infertility is responsible for half of infertility cases and this knowledge could be helpful in treating some of those cases.

The causes of infertility are varied and treatment can include surgery, IVF, treating infections and sexual issues, and hormonal therapy.

Earlier this year researchers at Yokohama City University in Japan announced another successful treatment possibility, stem cell therapy.  They were successful at growing mouse sperm from stem cells.  The sperm from stem cells fertilized eggs from the female mice which consequently produced live baby mice like in the new study discussed above.  The difference was with the source of the stem cells were testicular versus embryonic  in the new study.

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