Fertility Insurance! New Technique for Freezing Eggs Gives Women Options!



CRYOPRESERVATION:  The Latest Technique in Preserving Reproduction



This past weekend I was fortunate enough to attend the Fertility Planit Show in Los Angeles and actually hear Dr. Li Meng, a leading cryobiology expert speak.  Dr. Meng is a pioneer in egg freezing which until recently has not been considered a very successful practice.  He has even developed a machine that has modified the process and successfully frozen over 3000 eggs.   From this egg stash he has had 30 women return to date.  Having their eggs thawed, fertilized and implanted there have been twenty live births.


The reason for the increased success rate in egg freezing is the technique and what has been called vitrification.  Vitrification is the process of cryopreservation that uses high concentrations of cryoprotectant at the onset and an excelerated cooling process to solidify the cell into a glass-like state without ice.  Vitrification , the slow freeze process that forms the glass-like state, is being used in the cryopreservation of embryos, oocytes and ovarian tissue.  In IVF, freezing eggs provides options that women who wanted to delay pregnancy, marriage and motherhood did not have before.  As women age their eggs also age and when careers are at their peak often reproduction is starting a rapid descent.


To date their have been over 1600 births reported from frozen eggs.



California Fertility Partners’ Scientific Director, Dr. Li Meng is a leading cryobiology expert who has established our Fertility Preservation Program.