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Primary Ovarian Insufficiency

What is POF or POI and What to Do if Diagnosed Premature Ovarian Failure or a better term Primary Ovarian Insufficiency is a disease that affects women under 40. POI […]

New Screening Methods Give Older Women Same Options as Younger Women

An IVF process that could give a woman in her early forties the same chance of becoming pregnant as a 32-year-old has been developed by scientists. They say the screening […]

Swedish Doctors Report Mother-Daughter Uterus Transplants!

          Adam Ihse  /  AP From left specialist surgeons Andreas G Tzakis, Pernilla Dahm-Kähler, Mats Brannstrom, Michael Olausson and Liza Johannesson attend a news conference Tuesday Sept. 18, […]

Infertility…New Treatments Include Stem Cells

Advances in infertility options are surfacing each year; new procedures, surgeries and interventions have made it possible for a plethora of miracle babies to come into the world.  The recent […]

Endometriosis and Our Teens

    Endometriosis: What You Don’t Know   Instead of the menstrual fluids being shed during a female’s monthly period, some of these fluids backflow or remain in the body […]

Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome is the Leading Cause of Infertility in Young Women

What is PCOS and how did I get it? PCOS or Polycystic Ovary Syndrome, which is also referred to as PCOD, polycystic ovary disease, is the most common disorder found […]

New Options for Preventing Pre-Term Birth

The FDA is considering a marketing application from Watson Pharmaceuticals and Columbia Laboratories to approve its Prochieve 8% products for the prevention of pre-term births in women who have delivered […]

Do Fertility Drugs Increase Cancer Risks?

Editor’s Choice Main Category: Cancer / Oncology Also Included In: Fertility Article Date: 09 Jul 2012 – 12:00 PDT According to a study published in the July 6 edition of the Journal of […]

Top Infertility Specialists in the U.S. by State

According to US NEWS and WORLD REPORT     Need help with infertility?   The following list might give you a good starting point. ALABAMA Richard Blackwell, MD, PhD   University of […]