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Who do we contact when something needs to be addressed, our health is not optimal and we can’t find a solution or answers or someone that makes us less anxious or hopeful.   At Her Health Matters we started with the premise that  some areas of female medicine needed exploitation, some areas needed attention and some needed to see the light of day.   Then we found ourselves giving referrals and passing on best practice information and decided to include this forum.  Please pass along your best experience and any physicians or practitioners that you think deserve endorsement.


Her Health Matters has witnessed many testimonials from the physicians listed below and want to pass them along to our readers.   If you are looking for a kind, intelligent and experienced physician who specializes in a particular field of women’s health you will find them here.  The referrals are national but let’s start with some local Atlanta physicians.






Prescribers of FDA Approved Bio-Identical Hormones in Atlanta Metro:

Eva Arkin, MD OBG
Jennifer Aqua, MD OBG
Lisa Peacock, MD OBG
Nadine Becker, MD OBG
Sujatha Reddy, MD OBG
Address: 960 Johnson Ferry Rd, ST 400, Atlanta

Steven Rabin, MD. OBG

Medical Director at Advanced Gynecology Solutions, Inc

Address: 980 Johnson Ferry RD, Atlanta


Sherry Taylor, MD OBG
Brett Lewis, MD OBG
Address: 5780 Peachtree Dunwoody RD, Atlanta

Suzanne Lowery, MD OBG
Address: 939 Bob Arnold Blvd., Lithia Springs

Peter Mann, MD OBG
Address: 1800 Tree Lane, ST 300, Snellville

Juanita Callaway, MD OBG
Address: 2785 Lawrenceville Hwy, Decatur

John Milkos, MD OBG
Address: 3400 Old Milton Parkway, Alpharetta

John Reyes, MD OBG
Ingrid Reyes, MD OBG
Address: 6335 Hospital Parkway, ST 204, Johns Creek


Ablation/ Hysterectomy/Infertility/Endoscopic Surgery


John Reyes, MD
Ingrid Reyes, MD
Address: 6335 Hospital Parkway, Johns Creek

Michael Randell, MD
Address: 980 Johnson Ferry Road, Atlanta

Thomas Lyons, MD
Center for Women’s Care and Reproductive Surgery
1140 Hammond Dr., Atlanta


Atlanta Center for Reproductive Medicine
5909 Peachtree Dunwoody Rd., Atlanta
Assia A. Stepanian, MD, Director

Academia of Women’s Health and Endoscopic Surgery
755 Mount Vernon Hwy, Suite 240
Atlanta, GA    30320









We are always on the lookout for strong, professional, solid referrals to pass along to our readers. If you have a physician or healthcare practitioner you want to refer, let us know! Give us the provider’s name, practice, address, website (if applicable), and why you would recommend their care or services.