Heart Disease Kills 1 in 4!

Heart Disease Still The Number 1 Killer of Women!


Why then is caring for your heart not the number one priority when addressing women’s health?


In 2009 alone, heart disease killed nearly 300,000 women in the United States; that accounts for one-fourth of all female deaths.


Regardless of all of the publicity and attention to breast cancer, heart disease is still the number one killer of women in the United States.



Symptoms for women are much different than men also and often include jaw, neck or abdominal pain, nausea, sweating, dizziness.

Over 60% of women who die suddenly of coronary heart disease have no previous symptoms.   So even if you have no symptoms you could be at risk for heart disease.


Okay, so enough of the bad news, what can you do to prevent being one of these statistics.



First of all, if you are overweight, get on a program and lose the weight!


If your BMI, Body Mass Index, is over 24 you are overweight.   Diet and exercise in most cases can bring this number in range.


Exercise, exercise, exercise!  Move around, walk, play with your kids, take a class: whatever it takes to get your metabolism moving.


Eat as soon as you get up in the morning to get your metabolism started, eat smaller meals, and eat 5 to 6 times a day.


See your physician and get screened for all of the risk factors…high blood pressure, diabetes, high cholesterol and all metabolic diseases.  If you already have one of these risk factors, please follow your healthcare provider’s advice.


For more information contact:  The American Heart Association



Read more at http://www.mayoclinic.com/health/heart-disease