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Interview on Weight Loss

  Interview on Weight Loss with Best Self Magazine How does diet have an effect on weight loss? Diet affects weight loss as most plans offer a lower calorie, lower [...]

Eating to Reduce Inflammation

There are benefits beyond the aesthetic that come from how we change our eating habits. Making better lifestyle choices and forming new dietary habits – ones that you incorporate for [...]

Are We Destined to Be Fat as We Age?

If we do nothing to stop the natural progression of our aging process, then yes, we are. According to fitness experts, for each decade we reach after the age of [...]

What’s the Real Story about Vitamin D?

Often touted as the wonder vitamin, not to mention the one we all seem to be deficient in, vitamin D is getting a lot of attention. Vitamin D is fat-soluble, [...]

Can Magnesium Change Your Health?

Magnesium is a much needed mineral with multiple health benefits including body temperature regulation, energy production, detoxification, nerve transmission and the formation of healthy bones and teeth.  Like other essential [...]

Is Wheat Causing Your Belly Fat?

      (NaturalNews) Wheat today is not what it used to be. It is more of a hybrid version of 19th century and earlier versions of wheat our ancestors [...]

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The Weight Loss Battle…What’s Working

    Regardless of what you hear and read in the media, many obese Americans do lose weight and keep it off.   Increased exercise programs, access and condensed high [...]