Birth Control for Men! Finally!

Jun 28, 2012 by

On the horizon, effective and painless birth control options for men are emerging. Could this be true after all the years of hassles…and pills…and side effects that women have endured?

High frequency ultrasound has worked to eradicate sperm count in male rats. The procedure works for rats, and it’s possible that it could be adapted for use on human males. Just a few zaps to the testicles could be the answer to long-term birth control for men. Not sure how they are regenerated, but stay tuned.

Also in the works is a shot that has proven to be 100% effective in clinical trials in India. The studies have been going on over the past 20+ years, and the results are very positive. As long as shots are not an issue for the man, he can receive an injection (with local anesthetic) in the vas deferens. The shot, called Vasalgel, works by targeting the sperm cells and breaking them apart. The procedure takes about 30 minutes to perform. In this method, another shot can later regenerate sperm production and fertility. Clinical trials have reportedly found this procedure to be effective, reversible, and safe. The U.S. market could see this new procedure by 2015. Keep working!

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