About Us


Our Mission

At Her Health Matters, our goal is to provide an accessible, approachable forum where you can  learn about women’s health concerns which we are deeply passionate about advocating. In other words, we are committed to matters of women’s health and to being a place where women’s health matters.

Most of the material currently available is confusing, dense, overly scientific, or not nearly as comprehensible as it needs to be. As difficult as it can be to understand what’s out there, it can be equally frustrating to find it in the first place. You shouldn’t have to sift through pages of internet searches to find what you need…only to have no idea what you’re reading when you find it.

We are striving to eliminate both obstacles to health knowledge. Our articles are presented in an easy-to-navigate outline, and because they’re written by our own team of experts, they’re related in a straightforward, simple fashion. All information is given with you – and your understanding – in mind.

Another challenge for women’s health today is finding someone who will listen, as well as someone who will answer back. Even with access to all the information in the world, sometimes you just need to have a two-sided conversation.

It would be nice if this dialogue could come from our physicians, but unfortunately that is not always the case. Healthcare providers, due to overwhelming time constraints, are able to give less and less to patients. Our appointments seem shorter and shorter. Further, we can be intimidated during the time we have face-to-face with our physicians, shying away from asking the real questions that are on our minds.

It’s disconcerting, but it seems that sometimes we need to turn elsewhere for the answers, discussions, support, and the basic comfort we’d like to have with respect to women’s health issues. Also, we need to do some solid research and preparation in order to make the most of our time with healthcare providers. Here, we are offering a forum for just these problems. You can ask questions, initiate and join in conversations, or offer your own experiences to other participants.

Now is the time to take ownership over our own health, bodies, and medical choices. We can’t rely on our healthcare providers to do all of the work for us. Instead, we can read about issues that we are concerned about and discuss other topics of interest or concern. We can engage in learning more about disease prevention and management, nutrition, fitness, lifecycles, mental health, spiritual health, and more.

Her Health Matters provides a safe, unbiased environment for this type of learning and conversation. There are no labels here, no clichés. Just your health matters.